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Join us!

Why join?

  • You can take part in technical meetings which aim at improving international standards.
  • You will receive relevant EU policies, trade and business information which we monitor on a daily basis.
  • You will receive imports and exports data which we will have previously gathered and analysed.
  • You can raise concerns regarding EU policies so the Association can defend your interests within the Eu institutions (e.g. anti-dumping measures)
  • You can grow your network by meeting other EUROCORD members during various conferences.


Scope of action

  • EU trade policies
  • ISO/CEN Standards
  • Plastic waste management
  • Rope, nets and twines business market
  • EU industrial and political representation


What we do?

We represent 64 companies from 24 countries

We promote dialogue and exchanges by hosting various technical and business meetings between our members and also other relevant stakeholders. We monitor the market for business opportunities and share information.



Business Committees

  • Active members committee

It is composed of ropes, nets and slings producers as well as the former EU liaison committee. They focus on general issues in relation with the EU and the above mentioned products.

  • Associate committee

It is composed by all the associate members and deals with issues related to their work.


Technical Committee 1

TC1 focuses on nets and twines.  It engages in various topics such as standards harmonization, equipment testing and other technical issues related to nets and twines.

Technical Committee 2

TC2 tackles issues encountered in the industry of fibre ropes and slings but also deals with testing procedures and standards.

Technical Committee 3

TC3 has recently been created to deal with sustainability issues and circular design of ropes, nets and acquaculture equipment which is of broad and current interest worldwide.


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