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EXMAR acquires 100% OF BEXCO

10th November, 2022

ANTWERP, Belgium - EXMAR, which was the main shareholder of BEXCO, has now taken over full ownership in BEXCO by acquiring the shares. BEXCO is a European manufacturer of precision-engineered synthetic mooring, towing and lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications. BEXCO serves energy companies as well as ship and tug owners by designing and producing made-to-measure fiber rope at its Belgian main factory in Hamme and in Antwerp at its quayside manufacturing facility. EXMAR and BEXCO are both active worldwide in the commercial maritime and offshore energy markets. 


Avient Completes Acquisition of DSM Protective Materials (Dyneema®)

1st, September 2022  

CLEVELAND, USA - Avient Corporation, a leading provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions, has completed its purchase of the protective materials business of DSM (including the Dyneema® brand), which will now be called Avient Protective Materials and reported within the company's Specialty Engineered Materials segment.

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ISO Excellence Award

23th January, 2019

Congratulations to our Technical Director, Antonio Freitas who has just received the ISO Excellence award. His hard work has been appreciated by the ISO community for years and its expertise has finally been rewarded.
The award was given on January 23rd in Brussels during one of many ISO meetings that Antonio  has taken the time to attend in person.
We want to warmly thank him for everything he has done for EUROCORD. Once again, congratulations!



Wilhemsen’s Smart Rope stole the show at SMM

6th September, 2018

Visitors at this year’s SMM trade show in Hamburg, Germany, have been challenged to walk a mile in seafarers shoes and test out Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s smart rope system. The rope was put on display at the company’s stand and visitors were invited pull the rope and see what they are made of as the system provides real-time pull load results.

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Svitzer A/S Adopts Samson Fusion-12™ Lines for Midsize Tugs

11st May, 2018

Svitzer A/S has done so to overcome the challenge of traditional fiber ropes which are usually heavy, large and difficult to handle. Moreover, the weight problem becomes greater when the rope is wet. Hence, the company was looking for a rope that could withstand the strain of standard operations encountered by midsize tugs, eliminating the headaches of undetected damage that can lead to early failure, but without the investment in high-performance, all-HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) ropes. This is when Samson offered a great solution: Samson’s Fusion-12. As a hybrid rope, it blends the strength and performance of Dyneema® HMPE with polyester fiber into a single-braid construction that is significantly stronger than other polyester ropes, yet lighter, more flexible, and easier to handle.

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2nd International Circular Ocean Conference - Norway

19th , April 2018

The Secretariat attented an inspiring conference on circular ocean. Many interesting projects have been presented to tackle the issue of marine waste by recycling and reusing the ropes and nets that are dumped into the oceans. It has been shown that it can be very profitable and that there are many opportunities in this circular economy.

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Samson Presence in European Market

12nd April, 2018 

The worldwide leader in high-performance rope and market leader in commercial and recreational marine applications Samson has announced a expanded presence in the European market through Spain and its surrounding areas.

"We’re very pleased to see this new level of commitment to commercial and recreational marine customers in this region of Europe. Baitra has been a partner of ours in these industries since 2015, and we’re looking forward to extending Samson’s relationship with them long into the future.” says Samson Marketing Strategy Manager, Gavin McWilliams.

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