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On following pages, Membership list with a link to Members web sites.

In Europe:

Active Members (voting rights)
National Associations and/or individual companies producing twines and ropes.
Individual companies producing fishing nets and netting and raschel nets for Agriculture.

Associate Members (no voting rights)
Individual companies producing raw materials, polymers and/or machinery, coatings, technical testing companies, certification bodies etc...

Academic Members (no voting rights)
Universities, laboratories, Research Centers etc.

Corresponding Members (no voting rights)
European Federations having direct or indirect relations with the rope, twine and netting industries.

Outside Europe:

Affiliate Members (no voting rights)
Individual companies, producers of ropes, twines, nets and netting, raw materials, polymers and machinery as well as individual technical  testing companies, certification bodies.

 At present, companies located in 23 countries are Members of EUROCORD.

At present, the Secretariat of EUROCORD is also the one of EWRIS, the European Federation of Wire Rope Industries, Corresponding Member.

 Any company falling within either category and willing to apply for Membership is invited to present its application by writing to the Secretariat in Paris for the decision to be taken by the delegates of the Ordinary General Assembly (2/3 majority in favour, abstentions not taken into account).

Here is the list of Members